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Tessa Rouleau is a recent graduate of the Public Relations program at Cambrian College. She joined the L’Arche Sudbury community in July, as she assumed her role at the office as the Development and Communications Officer. Tessa is a passionate and ambitious person with an eagerness to learn. We Welcome her into our community with open arms!

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 Newssheet for the week of February 8, 2018

Mutual vulnerability and openness

Communion is mutual trust, mutual belonging; it is the to-and-fro movement of love between two people where each one gives and each one receives. Communion is not a fixed state, it is an ever-growing and deepening reality that can turn sour if one person tries to possess the other, thus preventing growth. Community is mutual vulnerability and openness one to the other. It is liberation for both, indeed, where both are allowed to be themselves, where both are called to grow in greater freedom and openness to others and to the universe.

- Jean Vanier,

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