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Paulette at the Canada Day party strumming her guitar.

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 Newssheet for the week of October 16, 2016
  You will find both our September and October Newssheets posted here.

Monday October 17, 2016
• Happy Birthday Lesley.

Tuesday October 18, 2016
• Community Night 4:30 pm

Wednesday October 19, 2016
• Happy Birthday James.

Friday October 21, 2016
• Happy Birthday Janet.

Saturday October 22, 2016
• Jen is on call this weekend.

Sunday October 23, 2016
• Happy Birthday Amanda.

Awakening the beautiful

Power and strength can separate people; whereas weakness and recognition of weakness and the cry for help brings people together. When you are weak, you need people. It's very easy when you are strong. You don't need people. You can do everything on your own. So, somewhere the weak person calls people together. And when the weak call forth the strong, what happens is they awaken what is most beautiful in a human person--compassion, goodness, openness to another and so on. Our weakness brings people together.

- Jean Vanier Belonging: The Search for Acceptance Windborne Production Video

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