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L’Arche Sudbury Charity Classic

L’Arche Sudbury Rocks the Boat!

L’Arche Sudbury is having a fundraising campaign! The event will run from 9AM to 1PM on Saturday, May 28th in front of the Amici and Ezentials building located at 863 Barry Downe Rd. During the four hours we will have ten L’Arche Sudbury rocking chairs in use at all times to commemorate our 40th anniversary. We have chosen rocking chairs because Roma was known for her love of her rocking chair and this event is also in memory of her. You can sign up to raise money yourself or donate at larchesudburyrocks.com.

In Loving Memory of Roma

With great sadness and heavy hearts, that we share the passing of our dear friend and Founding Core Member,

Roma Griffin. Feb 7, 1956- Jan 14, 2022.

Roma joined L’Arche Sudbury in 1982 as the first Core Member to share home, initially with Rita and Peggy and many others through the years.  Having been incredibly loved by her family, it was a gift to welcome Roma and to learn about relationships and friendships by someone who had clearly been raised in a similar way.  Roma was the treasured daughter of Mr. + Mrs. Griffin and cherished sister of her siblings Lynn (George), Nikki (Charles) and her brother Ron.  Roma was also the best Aunt to many nieces and nephews who found comfort in her arms that offered the best hugs!

Roma was known for her tender heart and intuition.  Often if someone was having a bad day, Roma would reach out and say, “___(person’s name) is crying?.”  The person hadn’t shed a tear, but Roma could sense their pain and offered her support.

Roma loved a good sing-along (Oh Lord it’s Hard to Be Humble), charismatic church services, visits with her family and especially a good party as the Irish Rover’s would say, and Roma would repeat, “Wasn’t that a Party!” 

Roma knew the value of good food, (she was a hot dog connoisseur), fine friendship and a great bottle of beer! 

Roma also had the best laugh!  She would throw her head and hands back and let the largest laugh erupt from the depths of her belly. You couldn’t be witness to it, without laughing yourself.

Roma loved to rock the time away in her rocking chair!  You always knew where to find Roma by the squeak her rocking chair would make. She would happily rock the hours away, listening to music and the conversations being had.  She was a wonderful listener from that spot in her chair.

A very spiritual woman, Roma would have a litany of people to pray for each night before bed, at prayer nights, and around the table each night after dinner.  She was intentional about those she lifted in prayer and was faithful in doing so.

Roma was loved by so many and will be missed by all.