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Alain Lalande

May 22, 1977 – June 29, 2022

“All I Really Need” is a song by Raffi, one of Alain’s favourite artists. The words go ~ “All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly and love in my family.” This expresses Alain perfectly!
A song in my heart ~ Alain was an absolute lover of music! If there was a tune to be heard, you could find Alain, dancing, singing, or playing air guitar to it. He loved his CDs and especially his “system,” which he called his radio. Being artful and creative, Alain also liked to tinker with his “system,” in the hopes of getting a new one, on a regular basis. Some of the fondest memories of Alain are of music therapy sessions, where he explored different expressions of melodies, Fiddle Festivals, where he would dance for hours to fiddle and country music, and times in the home or on car rides, where he would spontaneously entertain everyone with his songs and dancing.
Food in my Belly ~ Everyone has their favourite foods and Alain sure had his too. The best dinners for him consisted of pasta, cake, and a nice glass of milk. When going out, you could count on Alain to represent his French heritage by always ordering the best poutine. Treats for Alain consisted of chocolate bars and Tim Hortons, and his daily afternoon routine included cookies crushed up in a cup soaked in pop. He had a unique palate! 😊
And the Love in my Family ~ Alain was so fortunate to be born into a loving and supportive family. His father, Gerry, who he fondly called “Papa,” his mother, Diane, “Mama,” his brother, Daniel, and his nieces, Janelle and Brianne. Alain loved his Memere and Pepere Lalande so much and will be welcomed into their loving arms and laid to rest with them.
Alain was blessed to have second family with the members of L’Arche Sudbury. He originally lived at Emmaus House and was most recently a member of Galilee. Alain welcomed many Assistants and Core Members through the years and developed distinctive relationships with each one. The fondest memories people have of Alain are times in the homes when he’d let his playful side out. He loved to joke and tease, evident through his favourite movie Home Alone. One Halloween he even put on five different costumes and laid down on the floor playing his guitar just to get a laugh. He also had a very tender and kind presence. He would convey this when petting Lily or other pets, helping with unloading the dishwasher every morning and then looking to be affirmed for doing so, and also by verbally reminding himself “gentil” to be gentle with others.
Alain attended the Christian Horizons Day Program for many years, where he also developed friendships with many people.
His Celebration of Life will take place at Holy Redeemer Parish Thursday July 7, 2022 at 10am.
In lieu of flowers, a donation to L’Arche Sudbury Inc. or a charity of your choice would be greatly appreciated.

In Loving Memory of Roma

With great sadness and heavy hearts, that we share the passing of our dear friend and Founding Core Member,

Roma Griffin. Feb 7, 1956- Jan 14, 2022.

Roma joined L’Arche Sudbury in 1982 as the first Core Member to share home, initially with Rita and Peggy and many others through the years.  Having been incredibly loved by her family, it was a gift to welcome Roma and to learn about relationships and friendships by someone who had clearly been raised in a similar way.  Roma was the treasured daughter of Mr. + Mrs. Griffin and cherished sister of her siblings Lynn (George), Nikki (Charles) and her brother Ron.  Roma was also the best Aunt to many nieces and nephews who found comfort in her arms that offered the best hugs!

Roma was known for her tender heart and intuition.  Often if someone was having a bad day, Roma would reach out and say, “___(person’s name) is crying?.”  The person hadn’t shed a tear, but Roma could sense their pain and offered her support.

Roma loved a good sing-along (Oh Lord it’s Hard to Be Humble), charismatic church services, visits with her family and especially a good party as the Irish Rover’s would say, and Roma would repeat, “Wasn’t that a Party!” 

Roma knew the value of good food, (she was a hot dog connoisseur), fine friendship and a great bottle of beer! 

Roma also had the best laugh!  She would throw her head and hands back and let the largest laugh erupt from the depths of her belly. You couldn’t be witness to it, without laughing yourself.

Roma loved to rock the time away in her rocking chair!  You always knew where to find Roma by the squeak her rocking chair would make. She would happily rock the hours away, listening to music and the conversations being had.  She was a wonderful listener from that spot in her chair.

A very spiritual woman, Roma would have a litany of people to pray for each night before bed, at prayer nights, and around the table each night after dinner.  She was intentional about those she lifted in prayer and was faithful in doing so.

Roma was loved by so many and will be missed by all.