Our Impact

L’Arche Sudbury has three homes in which 15 core members share life with assistants on a day-to-day basis. Through our Community Participation Program, our core members have the opportunity to be employed, volunteer, or participate in events and community groups throughout the city.

To date, we have employer partnerships with businesses such as the Jarrett Value Centre, Ashley HomeStore, Topper’s Pizza and more. This allows core members to have the experience of joining and being apart of a workplace environment.

ced and kittyThis year, our Community Participation Program (CPP) partnered with Access For All, where core members helped audit the downtown core for inaccessible stores. Afterward, our core members took time during the day program to paint and deliver ramps to the stores in need.  Our partnership with Access For All is one where we joined our voice with theirs for a barrier-free world.  Members of our program know the importance of being able to access spaces. This partnership allowed our program members to be advocates for accessibility, while also taking the opportunity to do some outreach. Thus, helping L’Arche become more visible in the community.

We were also fortunate to receive a government grant, which has allowed us to establish The Sage and Time Art Project. This project has the sole purpose of promoting the inclusion of seniors in art projects. Every month, we will welcome local artists to facilitate a collaborative art session that will be inclusive of our many participating seniors.



There are 136,500 Canadians over age 15 with an intellectual disability; about half are underserviced and on waiting lists. The average waiting time for residential placement is over 10 years. L’Arche has:

  • 30 L’Arche communities from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island
  • 528 individuals living in L’Arche homes and apartments
  • 271 individuals who do not live in a L’Arche home but receive work and day support from L’Arche
  • 671 part/full-time assistants and employees
  • 458 volunteers




L’Arche communities around the world belong to an International Federation.
The role of L’Arche International, as a unifying organization, is to support its members administratively, legally and financially and help them live out their mission.  The Federation seeks to promote diversity and solidarity across geographical and psychological borders.