Galilee House

Welcome to our Happy Home!

Laughter, music, singing, dancing, baking, and caring are some of the words to describe Galilee House. We have five core members in the house, which consists of the youngest core member and the oldest in our community!

 Kaitlin, who is the newest and youngest core member, brings a new life to the house with her love of music and dancing. She enjoys helping around with the house and is willing to give us a hand whenever possible.

Audrey who is the oldest and wisest continues to bring her wisdom to all of the assistants, core members and whoever comes to the house. On Thursdays, you will find Audrey in the kitchen baking with Maureen; afterwards the house is full of great sounds. Audrey will be the first to tell everyone that Galilee is a "happy home" and she is "happy, happy, happy".

Kenny is the only guy in the house. He enjoys playing basketball and we have just recently discovered he also enjoys mini-putting. He also loves going out with the guys and doing "guy things"

Colleen is the jokester of our house! She is the first to cause trouble and then laugh at whatever is happening. She is also the person who loves to give everyone in of the house a reminder. If we ever need to remember things, she will be the one to help us.

Carole brings a French aspect to the house. She really enjoys having the opportunities to listen, talk, or see French things. She also enjoys helping out in the kitchen before and after supper. Carole also enjoys going "down town" shopping. She likes to go to the mall to see everything and for the chance to do some shopping.

 The team is rounded out by a great team of assistants and a house leader to help out the core members, spend time with them, enjoy laughter, shopping and anything else that we decided to do in a day.





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